Define User & User needs

Matchmaking students, coaches, and companies

A user relationship info graphic

Top Solutions for our students

  1. Industry advises and career exploration.

  2. 1-1 consulting time or help (troubleshooting) offline, online, privately or in a group.

  3. Better personal branding.

  4. Job assistance (referral, sourcing, applying, tips on job hunting).

User Experience Design Case Study

Paragon One  

A career center that works.

Coaching students to build career skills. Filling the gap between being a student and being employed. 

Design Process ​

What did we learn from Site V1 and Site V1.5 (2016-2017)


Using Google Analytics, MixPanel, and Instapage (a landing page builder), I collected the site conversion from April 2017- Sep 2017. I developed a usability test, which was implemented by my design intern. Together we discovered that two of the free product pages, Ask for free career advice & Take a free career assessment, were both getting a decent amount of attraction but were not converting.

What do users value

Information from face-to-face interviews and website walkthroughs with four current program alumni, Alan W, Phil G, Vera C, and Merry H. 

  • A good student success rate.

  • The companies of the advisers, and having advisor from their selected  industry

  • Knowing what service we offer and the price of the product price early in their viewing 


What parts need more information

  • Success case studies

  • Our social media account

  • Advisor detailed information


What is missing

  • Product prices

  • Advisor industry breakdown

  • Where to subscribe

Sitemap & Information Structure redesign


Old Sitemap & content analysis

New Sitemap

Get rid of low conversion products/pages "Ask a question" and "take an assessment" 

How to pop?

After research and meetings, our team decided to emphasize our advisor network and to promote our unique personalized coaching method.

Low-fi Wireframe with Balsamiq

The new look